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John Pike

I think of my photography as a record of the chaotic, confusing and interesting aspects of the world I witness. I equally try to document the exciting corners of the world as the ordinary and mundane. I am fascinated by the reasons people do the things they do and I try to explore what I notice with my camera in order to share with others and create discussion. My photographs, however, are not snapshots. I work in black and white and take great care to make compelling prints. In this way I feel I can draw the viewer in and more accurately express some of the moods, thoughts and feelings I experienced while capturing the image. 

I am currently working on a project which documents the constantly changing urban landscape of Los Angeles. This  project insinuates commercialization and globalization in the greed which imposed a concrete anarchy on the city and it's dwellers.  With my photography I am conversing with the never ending echoes of the last disaster and the fear of the next one while attempting to understand the surreal beauty this insanity offers us.

I divide my time between Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California, with diversions to Tijuana, Mexico and Mexico City, Mexico whenever possible. 



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