pike.desmadre 11.24.2015

Paris, France and Odessa, Texas

With the unfortunate events that took place in Paris recently I can't help but keep thinking of the the trip I was fortunate enough to take to Europe last year and the wonderful time I got to have in Paris. I thought I would share a couple of pictures I took their and tell the stories of them to celebrate and support such a wonderful, diverse and amazing place. 

The front of the loteria.  

I really enjoy the chaos and anonymity found in this image. I popped into this "loteria" to have a beer and was fascinated by the bustling atmosphere. The bartender served as a sort of pitboss. She was clearly in control of the rowdy all male crowd and never slowed down the constant stream of serving drinks and taking bets. You could overhear at least 4 different languages, hardly any French and definitely not a word of English. The apparent tradition to discard losing tickets on the floor made the place seem even more messy and chaotic. 

Despite being a camera wielding white guy who doesn't speak any of the languages spoken at this place I was received with handshakes and smiles!


Maia and I found this bar in a nice mid afternoon lull when this couple of very wildly dressed day drinkers began to dance and paused for this wonderful embrace. They seemed so happy and the mood of the whole bar was incredibly joyous. My favorite part of this image is the man standing by the door watching everything happen. To me this image just seems so "Parisian" and really captures how good that city makes me feel. It turns out the bartender is also a photographer and shoots on the same camera I was using, a Mamiya 7 medium format film camera, which is cool as it's not really that common of a camera anymore! 

Stewart Parker holding a ladder while I try to get the picture just right.  

In other news, all last week I was in Odessa, Texas, which may be about as far away from Paris, France one could get! I was working with my good buddy and excellent artist Stewart Parker on a project documenting the very interesting classic signs found there. 

I haven't been shooting that much in color lately but all of these signs were documented using wonderful medium format Kodak Portra color film and I think they will turn out really lovely. More to come soon!

Photo credit goes to the beautiful and talented Maia Assaf.


Thanks for for reading and keep in touch!