pike.desmadre newsletter 9.17.2017

I would like to thank everyone who made it out to the opening of my "Entre las Líneas" photo show at Bass Concert Hall a few weeks ago. For those of you who didn't make it, or those who did but would like to see the images again I'm including the artist statement and all of the images below. If you are in Austin and would like to check out the images they will be on display until the end of November at the Bass Concert Hall, on floor 3. They have hours open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 11AM-2PM (if the door is locked, knock on the far left door and someone should let you in.) 

On September 8 a large earthquake hit Mexico and the epicenter was about 100 miles from Tapachula, the area in which many of these images were taken. It seems that most of the area was not hurt too badly but I'm sure that there was plenty of loss and I know there was quite a bit of loss all over Mexico. I have a heavy heart for all those affected who already have had to endure so much in their lives and I look forward to getting to return to the area soon to hear the stories and witness the rebuilding and healing process. 

In other news- Maia and I have made it to Los Angles and are getting nicely settled in here. I would like to thank everyone who helped us get everything together in Texas and here in California. We love and miss you all in Texas. 

Entre las Líneas 

photographs by John Pike 

This collection of images is part of an ongoing, lifelong, photographic study of border areas.These particular images were taken on the northern border of Mexico in Tijuana and its southern border in Chiapas. 

Migrants looking to make it to the US may spend much more time than expected in these areas as they rest, try to raise more funds, or seek asylum status. Months can turn into years with many having to build a new life in a place they never intended to settle. 

With this collection of images I hope to project a feeling of these ever changing border landscapes and to put forth an artistic expression of this surreal purgatory. 

-John Pike, August 2017