Over the last year my primary photographic practice has been to walk around central Los Angeles and just take pictures of everything. I like to think of myself as a collector working towards cataloguing the current inherited urban landscape that is Los Angeles. . 

I can’t help but collect images of barbed wire, worn walls, cracked sidewalks and overturned shopping carts. As I began photographing LA, I don’t think that I really consciously thought about it, but one of the things my eye clearly gravitated towards in my images is texture. 

After collecting and editing my first couple of weeks worth of images I really noticed this theme of texture and when I started thinking about it realized it can say so much and is a great thing to focus on as I continue exploring Los Angeles.

As I’m walking around taking pictures I like to think about the possible symbolic meanings of texture. I like to consider the interaction between rough texture and smooth texture as a sort of counter play between the established environment and the new environment trying to push it’s way through. The old established environment is rough, dirty and grimy. It’s textured. The new environment is an attempt to smooth all of that dirt over to cover the texture up. I like to think of the texture as a constant fight back, the oppressed confronting it’s oppressor and asserting it’s power over location. 

I plan to continue to explore the beautiful texture of Los Angeles and all of it’s potential meanings and symbolism- hopefully coming up with some new ones along the way as I build my collection.